QC is a Way of Life for CFI

Quality Control is much more than a department at CFI, it’s the only way

Nearly every business in the world has framed posters about Quality and Customer Service. As you are reading this, we’re pretty sure that you can envision these posters because they’re in pretty much in every business setting. However, when it comes to components, whether it’s nuts and bolts, springs, any sort of casted part, or any other of the thousands of items that Components for Industry creates every day, Quality Control is a major part of what we do.

Far beyond simple visual inspection, CFI has an entire department dedicated toward ensuring that each and every part that leave our doors meets the strictest standards. Each part must meet both CFI’s in-house quality guidelines and ISO procedures because if it doesn’t, it could mean unacceptable failures for our partners in the future.

How do we test our parts? We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in several state-of-the-art QA Test machines that ensure your parts meet the strictest standards on the market today. We own own Optical Comparator, CAD Software, Hardness Tester, Microscopes, and several other pieces of machinery to ensure that your parts arrive to your doorstep as promised. In addition, we’re more than capable of testing Hydrogen Embrittlement, the molecular composition of the metal, placing the parts through stress tests and more.

This in-house Quality Control Laboratory can test for torsional testing, drill speed testing, dimensional testing, and of course, visual testing. We have a full staff of trained professionals that work on QC for your parts to ensure that your items arrive perfectly. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be placing the CFI name on it.

Whether you’re dealing in the automotive industry (as CFI does); the aerospace industry (again, as CFI does), the home appliance industry (again… well, you get the message) – tolerance for part failure is becoming unacceptable. In the auto and aerospace industries, especially, QC is increasingly important as issues can mean costly work stoppages – so every part counts.

At CFI, we know how much every component means to our partners and our QC department works hard to ensure that each component that leaves our doors is the right one for the job.


For more information about CFI or our QC Department, call 847-918-0333.

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