We don’t just engineer components at CFI – we solve problems

If you’re “Gold Rush” fan and by all accounts, several of our CFI employees are, you may have noticed something in the October 20th episode. Even in the Alaskan bush, even with 20 ton heavy equipment, it’s all about having quality components.

One broken bolt cost mine boss Parker Schnabel thousands of dollars of run time out in the Alaskan bush.

In our world, we can solve issues like this for our any company, any time. A faulty part can shut down an assembly line, but rather than costing a young mine boss thousands, it can cost a Tier I manufacturer millions.

Those are the kinds of problems that CFI solves. We’re not just partners, we can be problem solvers.

We have a state-of-the-art QC facility that’s made to ensure that any components leaving our doors, whether they’re bolts, specialty parts, springs, or really anything else made out of metal plastic or otherwise.

If you’ve got a component problem and you need help, call us, email us and we’ll do our best to make sure that you’re not left stuck in the mud like Parker Schnabel’s bulldozer.

For more information about CFI, call us at 847-918-0333.

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