Heritage runs deep at CFI

These days, there are very few businesses that are truly family owned. Or if they are, in today’s world, they may have a successful generation and sell off, so the “family” part of the business is long forgotten. Not so for Components for Industry.

Our company has been manufacturing and designing the finest components for decades and we’ve been doing it with one bloodline running through it – Christie. Starting with our founder Kevin Christie, a mechanical engineer who started with the massive skillset and even bigger dreams, who leaned upon the engineering expertise of his father Ted Christie, Components for Industry quickly grew beyond its humble roots on the Christie kitchen table. An American success story through and through, the Christies dreamed of building a successful business and eventually bringing in generations to work at their fledgling company.

Dream come true

While it would be decades before another Christie would set foot into CFI in a professional capacity, Kevin’s sons knew exactly where they would be working. After all, summer jobs were spent sorting; shadowing every single member of the staff and learning the ins and outs of the business.

At 25 years of age, Kevin’s son, Zak Christie joined CFI and turned two generations to three at CFI. Three years into his tenure, Zak won’t be the only one to join the company. Zak’s younger brother, Cody, graduated from Florida Southern College to join, you guessed it, CFI.

At Components for Industry, we’re proud of our heritage and we’ve instilled in our family to make our customers the highest priority. From our sorters to our sales professionals to our engineers, we’ve made the alliance with our clients the utmost priority. Every CFI team member isn’t just an employee, they’re a member of our family and clients aren’t just customers, they are the lifeblood of CFI – as plain as the generations of Christies that roam the halls of our Chicagoland headquarters. Join our team and you’ll join our family.

After all, Partnership – It’s as Simple as That.

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