Getting bent into shape

Custom wire forms, one of CFI’s specialties, makes for one of the most versatile pieces money can buy

Custom wire forms is one of the most interesting fields in our industry. If you can dream of a shape, we can make it out of a wire today. From everyday wire form baskets and displays that an average person sees at grocery stores to heat transfer coils for heating and cooling applications to springs in engines to sinuous/zig zag wires for furniture and other applications, custom wire forms can lend themselves to any application and any shape.

As for strength, the only thing that lends a wire form its strength is the gauge of the wire and the type of material that creates it. At CFI, our wire ranges from .004 to .625, so there’s no shortage of strength or lack of applications. In addition, we also create wire forms in several grades of steel as well as more exotic materials such as titanium for even more strength.

So what goes into a wire form?

In essence, all that creates a wire form, is, well, wire. That, and a lot of state-of-the-art machinery including four-slide, multi-slide, 12-axis CNC machinery.  With these tools, we can create a myriad of complex shapes including wavy coils, helical, tapered parallel, hourglass, and conical shapes. Plus, you can also choose several types of material shapes beyond the raw material including square, rectangular, or round wire forms.

In general, if you can dream it, we can make it here at CFI. Plus, we’ll make it up to your specs – all while staying ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and TS-16949 compliant, depending on what markets we’re servicing.

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